Padded Crutch Handle Covers!

(Can also be made for underarm crutches)




When I had to endure six months on crutches while I waited for knee surgery,

I learnt incredibly quickly that one of the WORST things about crutches was sore hands!


Having looked at the other products available, I didn't like the fact that most of them covered the finger grips on the underside of the crutch handle as that made me feel like I was sacrificing safety for comfy palms..


- and so I designed my own, so I could have both of those things!


Made from thick, sturdy and long lasting foam covered securely with a fabric of your choice,

 these Crutch Handle Covers take less than a minute to fit,


and once fitted do not move under your hands.


Each order comes with a brief fitting guide including photos, and everything you need to make them completely secure.

They can also be removed if/once you reach that wonderful day you have to return your crutches!


These were an utter godsend for me; thanks to these I could face supermarkets and longer trips on foot without dreading the inevitable hand agony.

 After countless people stopped me to ask where I got mine from; I now sell them all over the world!


So what are you waiting for?! You'll wonder how you ever left home without them..


(If you require a character or fabric not listed, simply drop me a message.

I can make these in ANY colour, not just the ones shown!


Covers will be sent out to fit standard adult crutches unless you let me know a different size (ie for children) is required.


All covers are made to order so any custom size or fabric is at no extra cost :)




(fashion accessory only, correct installation should ensure complete security; however no liability will be accepted.)


Emerald Green Crutch Handle Covers (Pair)