Our spectacularly popular
Padded Crutch Handle Covers,
and new for 2017 -

When I had to endure six months on crutches while I waited for knee surgery, I learnt three things incredibly quickly. One was that your hands could hurt more than I'd ever realised. The second was that your hands became completely redundant for anything other than moving around. Which isn't great in a world where we all carry around phones and keys at the very least! The third was that handbags and crutches dont mix particularly well..

And so I set about finding a solution to those problems.

Simply slip the arm-cuff of your crutch through the fabric on the back of the bag, and loop the elastic around your crutch handle. (The elastic stops the bag from 'flapping' as you walk.) Each bag has one large pocket, and are double stitched and stiffened, meaning they keep their shape. The pocket is approx 16cm deep, which gives your belongings extra security.

Can be fitted on the inside or the outside of each crutch, depending on your preference.

These were an utter godsend for me; After countless people stopped me to ask where I got mine from; I now sell them all over the world!

With free postage and a unique, patented design - what are you waiting for?!
You'll wonder how you ever left home without them..


If you require a character or fabric not listed, simply choose 'other' and drop me a message. I can make these in ANY colour, not just the ones shown; and no request is too obscure.
Covers will be sent out to fit standard adult crutches unless you let me know a different size (ie for children) is required.

All covers are made to order so any custom size or fabric is at no extra cost :)
(fashion accessory only, correct installation should ensure complete security;
however no liability will be accepted.)

Minecraft - Crutch Cuff Bag